Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How Network Address Translation Work (How NAT Work)

At the present time broadband access has become commonplace and are available in many places, access the internet has become very easy and simple to do. The Internet can be accessed from home, schools, cafes and mobile handsets, and it's getting easier by the presence of a broadband router and NAT (Network Address Translation) as one of theLink technologies that empower them.
In computer networking, network address translation (NAT) is the process of modifying the IP address information in the IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device. That means this NAT using a user in a private network will "hidden" from the Internet it self. This have some benefits, ie: Security, IP address re-use, easy configuration on the client side.
To Understand how the NAT work I share a link "How NAT Works" that may can be used by people to learn and Understand it easily.

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