Thursday, September 6, 2007

Running Apache, MySQL and PHP in Windows

At my early days learning NETWORKING, I did not know the difference between Linux and PHP, Server and HTML, PHP and Database and many networking terms. I just go to a local training center at my city to be a WEBMASTER.
I still did not know the meaning of webmaster ( in that time I thought it is a degree like in martial arts hehe) until the instructor said that it was a common nickname for a guy who update and maintain a website (correct me if I am wrong !).
So then I taken the wrong class to study Networking :( .
But from that day, I learns that it is very good to learn networking by web development, so I can know how the server and the process done. Since then in my spare time I asked many questions to the instructor about servers (web, mysql, ftp, dns) and also networking (IP, network operating system, etc). Thank God they very helpful to answer them.
Then to help many newbie and also Windows Lover (who do not know many things about Linux and UNIX) to create a web product using PHP, I share about an application that running on Windows (NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista) that also used in many Linux and UNIX OS. It is called WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL and PHP) server alias . This application use PHP 5, MySQL 5 and Apache 2 so will be updated to with the version.
With this WAMP, you can turn your Windows to be a powerful dynamic web server + database server. Just do the install and follow the manual ...and then...HOOPLA... status OK ...

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